“Controversy” in Parliament due to the delay in releasing the bylaws


Representatives of the National People’s Assembly raised, within an “urgent” framework, their demand for the necessity of accelerating the release of the “draft” of the Council’s internal draft law and enriching it with “fundamental” amendments that are in line with the requirements of the present time and the building of the new Algeria called for by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

In this context, during the last period, the Legal and Administrative Affairs and Liberties Committee began studying and enriching the preliminary draft of the internal regulations of the National People’s Assembly, where it held a meeting, the work of which was devoted to listening to the opinions and proposals of the Vice-Presidents of the National People’s Assembly regarding this document.

During the discussion, it was agreed to form workshops on some topics and invite all relevant parties to participate in them, in order to update the preliminary report of the draft law on the internal regulations of the National People’s Assembly.

The same committee also listened to the opinions and suggestions of the heads and representatives of parliamentary groups, within the framework of studying the draft internal regulations of the National People’s Assembly.

The priority is for the representatives… actual oversight

This delay in releasing the content of the amendments to the law sparked widespread controversy under the dome of Zigod Youssef, and the representatives demanded that it be given priority to enrich this project.

In this context, the representative of the National People’s Assembly, Ali Rabij, from the National Liberation Front, confirmed that the internal regulations were among the laws that the representatives demanded to be changed as soon as possible, because almost since 1997 it had not been changed, indicating that today it has become an urgent matter because It is required to be in line with the 2020 Constitution.

The parliamentarian himself explained, in a statement to Al-Ekhbariya, that this delay is due to previous eras and there was no will to change it, and the lack of a clear vision within Parliament due to political tensions.

Rabij stressed that representatives need an internal system that regulates the legislative authority, which is the authority that carries out legislative and oversight tasks.

Regarding the issue of the sessions, the presence of the representatives, the effectiveness of the representative, the participation of the representative, and absences, the representative himself responded that the bylaws will certainly be the subject of wide discussion, stressing that this bylaws will be subject to discussion, and “we hope that it will be an internal bylaw that serves the legislative authority and the representative and pushes towards legislation, monitoring it, and exercising oversight authority.” “.

Conformity as required by the Constitution

For his part, Representative Ben Abed Khalifa, from the National Democratic Rally, confirmed that talking about a legal adaptation of the internal system requires conformity with what is required by the Constitution in the context of its articles related to Parliament, and the nature of the constitutional functions and tasks of powers, limits and relationships.

Bin Abed explained in a statement to Al-Ikhbariya that it is not easy for the internal system to satisfy all factions, according to different visions of all political classes, and demands to develop and promote parliamentary work, and that is why the law or draft draft takes several months to adjust its articles, in the service of Parliament and the state in its continuity.

The parliamentarian himself stressed that the internal system of the National People’s Assembly derives its performance strength from the recent constitution, and that Parliament’s oversight mechanisms allow it to follow up on all laws that pass through Parliament, in addition to taking the initiative in amendment and the powers to contribute to the formulation of the law, which allows for real legislation, Far from dictates or directives, the Constitution has devoted new tasks to the parliamentarian in questioning the government.

For his part, MP Abdel-Rahman Salehi, from the Future Front, confirmed that the law regarding the internal system of Parliament is much awaited, especially what relates to increasing the powers of representatives in the legislative field, noting that many of the laws that were proposed during previous sessions have not been studied and discussed, and here we wonder why. Laws are not discussed by representatives.

The same parliamentarian explained in a statement to Al-Ikhbariya that the powers will be in terms of oversight and restoring confidence between the legislative and executive authorities. There are difficulties in holding meetings with the representatives and many governors do not want to receive the representatives and work alone without coordination with the representatives. The National People’s Assembly will discuss the program. Internal and restores the value and strength of the offering.

Previous political tensions limited oversight tasks

The representative of the National People’s Assembly, Kamal Khalouf, from the National Construction Movement, confirms that the bylaws have continued to operate for years and have not been amended, due to what he called “the political tensions that existed in the past,” which limited the oversight tasks of the representatives.

The same representative asked, in a statement to Al-Ikhbariya, the reason for delaying the issuance of the bylaws and the new amendment with additional powers considering the legislative authorities, stressing the update and amendment of the bylaws and the updating of some articles contained in the organic law that add new technologies.

The same speaker noted the issue related to hearing ministers and inquiry committees, which require new additions, as well as the issue of investigation committees, which require more effective detail and great importance, and parliamentary diplomacy, which must be given great importance among the amendments that will affect the law.

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