“Conflicts” and “splits” threaten the success of the 11th AFL Conference


The parliamentary group of the National Liberation Front in the National Assembly boycotts the activities of the party’s 11th conference

The parliamentary group of the National Liberation Front, in the National Assembly, announced its boycott of the activities of the 11th conference of the National Liberation Front party, which is scheduled to be organized starting from October 29 in Algiers.

A statement by the parliamentary group of the “Al-Aflan” in the National Assembly, on Monday, a copy of which was obtained by Al-Akhbariya, said: “We, the members of the National Assembly affiliated with the National Liberation Front Party in the National Assembly, regret it. We are close to holding the eleventh (11) Congress and the party is still floundering.” In the conflicts, splits, and random exclusions that affected the party’s best members and cadres.”

The same statement added, “We find ourselves with our hands amputated in the serious preparation for the conference, and our colleagues who have been excluded from the party without justification or objective justification, but rather for personal and narrow calculations that have no connection to the spirit of responsibility or struggle” – according to the same statement -.

The same source explained, “We regret that we are noticing the escape in preparing the conference away from the spirit of reunification, cohesion and nationalism, and Algeria is living in a sensitive circumstance that requires the combined efforts of all good people to heal the party’s wounds and restore it to its natural and pioneering position.” Members of the National Assembly described the Flan as intransigence. What is noticeable by the Secretary-General of the party and his insistence on annihilating all that is good and beautiful within the party and its electoral institutions.”

The same statement added that, due to these reasons, “we announce our boycott of the 11th Conference, held on October 29-30-31, 2023, unless the following conditions are met, the conditions set by members of the National Assembly, related to canceling all decisions issued by the Secretary-General aimed at excluding leading members of the National Assembly.” The party and the participation of all leaders who hold the rank of delegate were members of the Central Committee or representatives of Parliament in Gharfaniyah without exclusion or marginalization, and also the session of the Central Committee of the party was held on the eve of the conference with all its members without exclusion or marginalization, in order to elect a committee to supervise the conduct of the conference’s work.”

The same source stressed, “The Secretary-General of the party bears the bleeding that the party experienced throughout his tenure as the General Secretariat, and bears responsibility for any defect or action that leads to the failure of the party’s eleventh conference.”

The party’s parliamentary group in the National Assembly called on those it described as “the good and honorable people of the nation to intervene urgently to find consensual solutions that would bring the party together and preserve its continuity.”

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