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The filming of the feature film “Youssef Zygoud” by Moanes Khammar was recently completed, which deals with the life and struggle paths of the heroic martyr Youssef Zygoud (1921-1956).
The Algerian News Agency quoted the writer of this work, Ahsan Thalilani, as saying that it is very likely that Youssef Zeghoud’s film will be shown on the anniversary of the outbreak of the national liberation revolution, the first of next November.
The spokesman pointed out that the production team wanted the film to be ready for screening “with the celebrations commemorating the attacks of northern Constantinople (August 20, 1955), however, due to the volume of the filmed material, the installation process requires a longer time, noting that the work was filmed over two months in the states of Constantine, Mila, Skikda and the capital.” .
Thalilani explained that this work is “a long historical war film that tells the life and struggle of the hero Youssef Zaygoud since his involvement in the national movement and then his joining the secret organization. It also goes back to the story of his imprisonment in Annaba and his organization of a heroic escape from that prison with other mujahideen.”
The film deals with “other important events that marked the path of this hero,” such as his attendance at the 22nd meeting, his supervision of the launch of the revolution in northern Constantinople with Didush Murad, and the organization of the northern Constantine attacks, leading to his martyrdom on September 23, 1956.
Thalilani added that this film “is rich in movement and battles, and gives a clear picture of the events of the liberation revolution in eastern Algeria.” It also “depicts the heroism of the martyr’s companions, including Lakhdar Ben Toubal, Ali Kafi, Ammar Ben Odeh, and Mourad Didouche.”
Several actors participated in this work, led by Ali Namous in the role of the martyr Zigod Youssef, while the soundtrack was returned to Safi Boutella.
It is noteworthy that the film “Youssef Zygoud” was produced by the National Center for the Cinematographic Industry, under the supervision of the Ministry of Mujahideen and Rights Owners. The minister, Eid Rabika, supervised in August 2022 in the state of Constantine to give the symbolic launch signal for filming the first scenes of this film, and this is on the occasion of the commemoration of the National Day. For Mujahid, which coincided with the 67th anniversary of the North Constantine attacks and the 66th anniversary of the Soumam Conference (August 20, 1956).

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