Completing the preparation of the draft basic law for the journalist


Minister of Communication Mohamed Laqab announced that his sector had finished preparing the draft basic law for journalists

The Minister of Communication, Mohamed Laqab, announced, on Saturday, in Algiers, that his sector has finished preparing the draft basic law for journalists, which will be presented to the General Secretariat of the government.

Laqab added, in a statement to the press on the sidelines of the opening of the “Content Creators Camp” at the Abdellatif Rahal Palace of Conferences in Algiers, in the presence of a number of government members, that “the professional journalist card must have a special law, recalling that the organic media law strengthens the status of the journalist.”

On the other hand, the Minister stated that he held meetings with directors of media institutions and various actors in the field of media and communication, such as publishers and journalists’ unions, to listen to their concerns, at a time when the draft audiovisual law and the written and electronic press activity law are being finalized, adding that “the draft law will be finalized.” After that, the regulatory authority was appointed, then the Professional Ethics Council.”

He explained, “When all these stages are completed, we hope for a real take-off of the media sector in Algeria.”

During his meeting with officials and directors of national printed newspapers, the Minister of Communications called for “the necessity of moving towards digital transformation,” stressing the strong competition that the electronic press is witnessing at the present time.

Speaking about the difficulties and obstacles facing the print press today, Laqab reiterated his assertion that “the Algerian state has a sincere and serious intention to put the sector on the right track by completing the laws regulating the sector as well as installing the institutions regulating it, such as the authority to control the print press and an ethics council.” The profession will have an important role in organizing and developing the sector.”

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