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Today, Monday, at the Ministry’s headquarters, the Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City, Mr. Mohamed Tarek Belaribi, chaired a meeting devoted to closing the file of the Justice Program 2.

The meeting was attended by the central frameworks of the Ministry, the Director General of the Justice Agency, and the regional directors of the Justice Agency.

In this meeting, the issue of Justice 2 was discussed, and the number of subscribers to it reached 561,688 subscribers, counting the number of subscribers who paid the first part on March 30, 2021, which numbered 27,112 subscribers, and this is after re-examining their appeals.

As for subscribers whose allocation certificates have been minted, the number at the national level has reached 535,521 subscribers, including 16,718 subscribers whose certificates are being minted during the current days, as the process affects 27 states.

In light of these numbers, the Minister ordered the completion of granting privatization certificates to the entire remaining 26,167 subscribers.

Mr. Minister appreciated the results achieved, which led to the closure of the Justice File 2 across 38 states, and this is by pouring all the privatization certificates into them, on the one hand.

On the other hand, the Minister stressed the need to accelerate the completion of the last projects directed at Justice Project 2 in the remaining states in conjunction with preparations for the launch of Justice Project 3, as he ordered setting a timetable for the completion of these projects.

The Minister also stated that the experience gained in completing this huge number of residences enabled the human resource to achieve the equation of achieving speed in completion, removing all obstacles, and maintaining the quality of completion at the same time, which is what the Minister emphasized.

In order to closely monitor the projects under implementation that are experiencing some kind of delay, the Minister requested the immediate summoning of each of the companies: Kosidar, Bazala, Balamash and Sutraba. B to the Ministry’s headquarters to meet with the Director General of Housing, in the presence of the Director General of the “Justice” Agency, in order to resolve all obstacles and complete these projects as soon as possible.

Mr. Minister ordered the Director General of the “Justice” Agency to take the necessary measures to obtain all remaining allocation certificates within the coming weeks.

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