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The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments issued a clarification regarding the press article issued on October 24, 2023, entitled “Transferring the management of the Algiers Mosque to the Presidency of the Republic and transferring and appointing imams via a digital platform.”

The Ministry confirmed in a statement that under the right of reply, and with the aim of enlightening public opinion, some points must be clarified about what was published.

The statement stated that regarding what was stated in the article “About the management of the Great Mosque,” ​​the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments confirms that it did not respond to the minister that a deanship would be established at the level of the mosque. To undertake its management and be under the supervision of the President of the Republic.

The Ministry also explained, “The President of the Republic has not yet inaugurated the mosque, but only prayed in it, and the inauguration will take place after the establishment of the deanship.”

The truth – the Ministry adds – is that the Deanship of the Algiers Mosque is an independent institution that was created during the year 2022 according to Presidential Decree No. 22-1122 of Shaaban 14, 1443, corresponding to March 17, 2022, which determines the organization and management of the Algiers Mosque, and the inauguration of the Algiers Mosque is within the powers of the President of the Republic. .

As for what was also mentioned in the article that the responsibility for the lack of beds falls on irregular pilgrims. And the beneficiaries of the Hajj notebooks are at the expense of the winners in the lottery operations. The Ministry categorically lies that this matter was stated by the Minister and confirms that every pilgrim holding a Hajj notebook is an Algerian pilgrim, regular within the Office of Algerian Pilgrims Affairs.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments also confirmed once again that its doors are open to all media, to obtain information that will serve public opinion.

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