Civil Protection: extinguishing 10 fires in several states during the last 24 hours – Algerian Dialogue


The General Directorate of Civil Protection announced in a statement that the Civil Protection’s Forest and Agricultural Fire Fighting Device intervened during the last 24 hours in order to extinguish 10 vegetation fires, including 02 forest fires and 08 forest and weed fires across several states of the country. The rapid and effective intervention of civil protection services allowed these fires to be extinguished and prevented from spreading to the rest of the vegetation.

The Civil Protection Units of the Algerian State also intervened to extinguish an apartment fire located on the fourth floor of a building in District 648, the residence of the municipality of Kobba. This resulted in 03 people suffering from difficulty breathing as a result of the smoke. The victims were taken care of on the spot and then transferred to the local hospital. Rapid recruitment of means Suppression made it possible to control and eliminate the fire and prevent its spread to the rest of the building.

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