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The General Directorate of Civil Protection called on citizens to respect the guidelines in order to prevent various accidents such as fires and serious injuries during the blessed Eid Al-Adha.

Today, Monday, the Civil Protection warned, in a statement, of accidents such as fires and severe injuries due to the misuse of knives, machetes, and cooking devices, especially (tabouna), which leave many victims, including children, every year, and called not to put and leave knives and machetes on the ground and within reach of children And monitoring the validity period of the gas regulator and gas delivery pipes for cooking devices (tabouna) and their safety.

It also cautioned not to leave torches and cooking devices (tabouna) burning unattended and to prevent young children from approaching sources of fire and lighters, as well as not to carry out the barbecue process inside or near forests to avoid the outbreak of fires and to prepare special places for that, and to dispose of waste safely In closed bags to avoid blockage of water drainage.

And mothers and fathers must raise the degree of caution and caution due to the danger and misuse of games, and that the latter should be suitable for the age of the child, as old games intended for children may contain pieces or small parts that make them dangerous to young children, and she called for reading and following recommendations related to the age assigned to the game, And warnings, as well as tools for assembling games, you must read and follow recommendations related to the age specified for the game, and games of high quality and well-made are less dangerous, according to the same source, who stressed the need to give priority to games that show factory or importer data. Always supervise children as they play, and show them how to use toys safely. Remove and quickly dispose of toy packaging, such as bags, plastic wrap, nails, and zippers, because these items pose a choking hazard to children. And it called for keeping all toys, especially soft toys, away from heat sources, as they may cause fires and cause injuries or damage to property.

Preventive measures also include constantly monitoring the condition of the games, that they do not pose a danger to children such as broken parts and pieces, sharp edges, and repairing or disposing of worn-out toys, and indicated that young children, especially those under the age of three, often put things in their mouths that may lead to suffocation or poisoning when eaten, including small toys, balls and small or broken pieces that must be kept out of their reach and avoid buying toys with long ropes because they are sufficient to wrap around the child’s neck and suffocate, especially elastic or sticky ropes, and make sure Ensure that the toy does not contain sharp ends or edges, as they present a risk of serious injury.

Instructions and tips for road users to abide by the rules of the Traffic Law and traffic safety, by avoiding excessive speed and dangerous violations, respecting the safety distance, as well as taking an adequate amount of rest when feeling tired or drowsy or driving for 03 hours continuously and not taking the risk of continuing to drive. On the other hand, protection was directed. Civil Society calls on motorcyclists to wear a helmet when driving and to abide by the traffic law like others. In the event of any accident or fire, call the Civil Protection at 1021 or 14, specifying the nature of the accident and the exact address.

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