Civil Protection announces a competition to employ 2,970 assistants


The General Directorate of Civil Protection announces the organization of a competition based on tests to employ 2,970 assistants for all state directorates.

The General Directorate of Civil Protection announced the organization of a competition based on tests to employ 2,970 male civil protection assistants for all state directorates (48) in the ten states. The competition was held last year.

The Civil Protection statement revealed the conditions for enrollment for males, which are that the candidate must have Algerian nationality and enjoy his civil rights, that his criminal record certificate must not contain observations that are incompatible with the nature of the activity of the Civil Protection Corps, and that he be in a legal position with respect to national service obligations or exempt from them for reasons other than Medically, his age must not be less than 19 years and not more than 25 years as of the date of the competition, and his height should not be less than 1.70 metres.

The statement added that the candidate must have a visual acuity of both eyes equal to 15/20 without wearing glasses or corrective lenses, provided that the visual acuity of one eye is not less than 10/7, not have a tattoo on his body, and successfully pass an organized medical and psychological examination. By the Civil Protection Department, and to be a resident of the state concerned with employment. The required level is a complete second year of secondary school.

She stated that the written tests for admission will be in mathematics subjects “duration: 3 hours, laboratories 3”, “general culture, duration: 3 hours, laboratories 2”, “physical and mathematical tests for admission, laboratories 4”, in addition to a medical and psychological examination for final admission.

The Civil Protection Services also indicated that the candidate’s file must contain a written request to participate in the competition, a copy of a valid national ID card, an original copy of the school certificate, birth certificate, height measurement certificate, and 3 medical certificates (general medicine + chest medicine + ophthalmology). ), Certificate of residence.

You must also bring a receipt for the postal order in the amount of 200.00 DZD, an information form downloaded from the official website of the General Directorate of Public Employment to be filled out by the candidate, Form No. 1 (based on the tests).

Candidates who are finally accepted into the competition must complete their files with a copy of a valid certificate of proof of status towards national service, two photographs, and a marital status certificate for married couples. Complete nomination files must be submitted within ten (10) working days starting from the date of the first announcement of the competition in written newspapers to the protection directorates. The civil status of the state where the candidate resides.

The statement also stated that the candidate must pay a postal order in the amount of 200.00 DZD as registration fees, to participate in the competition in the name of “Accounting Assistant for the National School of Civil Protection in Borj el-Bahri” Postal account number (CCP): 17676-91 clé 55.

The General Directorate confirmed that any incomplete file or file sent after the specified date will not be taken into account, adding that the medical certificate for chest diseases and ophthalmology must be submitted by a specialist doctor. Candidates who have a national service card bearing the phrase “exempt due to medical reasons” are not accepted to participate in the competition.

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