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The Civil Protection Services recorded the death of 51 people and the injury of 1,650 others as a result of traffic accidents within a week, according to a tally reported by the Civil Protection Services.

During the period from September 10 to September 16, 2023, civil protection units recorded 22,138 interventions, as a result of receiving distress calls from citizens. These interventions included various areas of civil protection activities, whether related to traffic accidents, domestic accidents, health evacuation, fire suppression, and security services coverage. For various demonstrations.

Regarding health evacuations, our unit carried out 12,642 interventions, during which 12,276 wounded and sick people were treated and evacuated to hospitals by civil protection agents.

In the context of traffic accidents, the Civil Protection Units carried out 2,345 interventions for 1,293 traffic accidents that led to the death of 51 people and the injury of 1,650 others who were treated and transferred to hospital centers. The heaviest toll recorded in Illizi Province, with 6 people dying at the scene of the accident and 7 others injured over the course of the year. As a result of 05 traffic accidents.

Civil protection units also carried out 2,076 interventions that allowed the extinguishing of 1,399 fires, including domestic, industrial, and various fires, the most important of which were recorded in the state of Algiers with 187 fires, Bejaia with 114 fires, and the state of Blida with 107 fires.

In addition, during the same period, our units in the field of various operations carried out 5,075 interventions in the same period in order to save 361 people in danger and cover 4,351 ambulance operations.

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