Civil Protection: 10 deaths and 441 injured due to traffic accidents within two days – Algerian Dialogue


10 people were killed and 441 others were injured, as a result of traffic accidents recorded across several states in the last 48 hours, according to a tally by civil protection services.

The same source explained that the heaviest toll recorded in the state of Oran was the death of two people and the injury of 4 others as a result of a car swerving and overturning on the road called Tonio, Bousfar municipality, Ain El Turk district.

Civil Protection intervened to provide first aid to 8 people suffocating as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide gas in the municipality of Bouqaa in the state of Setif.

On the other hand, Civil Protection intervened to extinguish 41 vegetation fires, including 19 forest fires, in several states.

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