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The State Directorate of Civil Protection in Chlef is organizing a number of maneuvers in all municipalities of the state, with the aim of testing and activating the municipal rescue plan to confront natural disasters, as was learned Thursday from the same authority.
The person responsible for information in the same departments, Major Sayed Ahmed Taqar, explained that the civil protection services in Chlef have written a special program to conduct maneuvers and exercises to activate the rescue and prevention plan in the event of natural disasters across all municipalities and with the participation of the various relevant standards.
The spokesman added that these maneuvers, which aim to test the readiness of various teams and intervention units during any natural disaster, were launched at the beginning of this week from the municipality of Krimiya, southeast of Chlef, by conducting a simulation exercise of an earthquake in the region at the level of the 200-house neighborhood, formula “edit.” .
According to the same source, during this maneuver, various rescue and prevention methods were implemented, ways to confront such dangers and the methodology for dealing with them professionally during the intervention were presented, as well as the consolidation of theoretical concepts and their application on the ground, especially with regard to embodying the various stages of the municipal rescue and prevention plan by installing its basic structures. Represented in various fixed command centers, practical command centers, and advanced medical centers.
The program of these virtual maneuvers and exercises continues across the rest of the municipalities, successively, by diversifying the topics of the exercises, such as fires and floods, in line with the nature of each region, according to Mr. Taqar.

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