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The Director General of the Central Pharmacy for Hospitals, Samir Farhat, revealed that more than 80,000 electronic requests have been met to supply hospital institutions with medicines and medical supplies, and this is within the framework of generalizing the digitization process taking place in the health sector.
The same official explained that “the central hospital pharmacy with all its annexes, as a first stage, fulfilled more than 80,000 requests for medicines and medical supplies for the benefit of all pharmacies of hospital institutions across the country.”
He pointed out that the second phase, which will take place “during the next few days,” relates to the launch of three new applications to record and follow up on hospital institutions’ stock in terms of medicines and medical supplies within a “precise vision” about organizing and managing these materials and supplies.
With the launch of these new applications, both the Ministry of Health and the central hospital pharmacy – according to the same official – can review the management of medicine stocks and learn about the real needs of each hospital institution.
Hospital institutions can also, if the central pharmacy runs out of products, purchase medicines within the framework of exchange or solidarity among themselves.
Mr. Farhat explained that these new electronic applications, with all their functions, will contribute, on the other hand, to organizing, managing and monitoring expired materials, in addition to avoiding the smuggling of some materials outside hospital institutions, highlighting that the digitization process also falls within the framework of “rationalization and optimal exploitation of available financial resources.” In addition to “saving time after eliminating the use of documents completely.”
Regarding innovative medicines, Mr. Farhat appreciated the initiative of the public authorities to provide a financial envelope estimated at 12 billion dirhams for the acquisition of 31 developed medicines, noting the keenness of the central pharmacy to make these medicines accessible to hospital institutions and patients, especially those suffering from diseases related to immunity, cancer and multiple nerve inflammation. .

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