Calling to ensure successful school and university entry in Algeria


The Secretary-General of the Republican National Alliance, Belkacem Sahel, called on the public authorities to make every effort to ensure successful school and university entry, especially in light of the deterioration of citizens’ purchasing power and the rising prices of school supplies and widely used materials.

This came during Sahel’s reception of a delegation from the National Coordination for Master’s and Doctorate degree holders (at their request), within the framework of sensitizing and following up on citizens’ concerns and contributing to raising them to the responsible authorities in order to take care of them.

Those concerned reviewed their concern regarding the non-employment of their wage earners, as part of the employment process that their unemployed colleagues recently benefited from, in implementation of the decisions of the Council of Ministers held on May 14, 2023.

In this regard, Professor Sahili confirmed that the party’s leadership has officially raised this concern to the competent authorities, led by the President of the Republic, with a call to take care of this concern according to a fair and gradual approach that allows this file, which has continued for several years, to be closed, with the importance of thinking about finding solutions. Permanent for the status of doctoral graduates in the future, by linking training to the actual capabilities of scientific and pedagogical supervision in university and research institutions, and to the needs of the labor market, and seeking to create new employment opportunities for doctors in economic sectors and encouraging entrepreneurship and private investment.

In this context, the party also praised the efforts made by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, especially with regard to expanding digitization and opening up the university to its economic and social environment and encouraging emerging institutions, as well as hiring nearly 10,000 new professors, which is a historical precedent that deserves to be noted, despite what it requires. This process consists of pedagogical and legal formation and control over the teaching of subjects by the new professors, in addition to the trend towards generalizing the use of the English language in research and teaching, an endeavor that requires gradualism, methodology, and avoiding haste or improvisation.

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