Boumerdes.. The Qorso seawater desalination plant reaches a peak production of 80,000 m3 per day – Algerian Dialogue


Today, the seawater desalination plant in Qorso (Boumerdes) entered the production phase at its full capacity, estimated at 80 thousand m3/day, according to a statement by the Algerian Energy Company, branch of the Sonatrach complex.
The company explained in its statement that after completing all the mechanical and experimental launch stages and ensuring all safety conditions and compliance with standards, the Qorso seawater desalination plant entered “today at ten in the morning the production phase with its full production capacity of 80,000 m3/day, or 80 million liters/day.”
This came after the launch of the partial production process at this station, directed to the states of Boumerdes and Algiers, on July 4, 2023, as the first stage of operation.
She added, “Thus, the Sonatrach complex, with its subsidiary, the Algerian Energy Company, has completed and handed over the entire production capacity of the emergency program for seawater desalination (Water 2021),” according to the statement.
The company also confirmed that this station, which is considered a “challenge” raised by the Sonatrach group, “was won by the national competencies that were able to demonstrate their great control in all stages of completion up to the operational stage, so that the seawater desalination station in Qorso became the third station completed and operated through the Algerian national effort.” The statement adds.

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