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The security services in the state of Boumerdes seized 26,580 hallucinogenic tablets, 35 sharp weapons, and 363 grams of drugs.

The security services in the same state registered 392 cases dealt with by the state service of the Boumerdes Judicial Police, involving 525 people.
A statement by the security services said: The operational services emphasize their presence and security presence within the urban center through immediate and immediate intervention in cases of notification and warning of a danger threatening lives and property, as the state service of the judicial police in Boumerdes state security recorded during the past month 392 cases related to treatment. In various crimes, including assault on persons and money, as well as drug crimes, thefts, fraud crimes, and other crimes that were interfered with by applying the laws by completing judicial files against their perpetrators and presenting them before the competent judicial authorities, where 26,580 hallucinogenic tablets of various types were seized, in addition to a quantity Of the drugs, a type of cannabis, the weight of which was estimated at 363 grams, with the recovery of 35 prohibited bladed weapons and sums of money from the proceeds of illegal trafficking. 525 people of both sexes were involved in these cases. A detention order was issued against 75 people and 15 people who benefited from the drug. Judicial oversight: 325 people had their files sent to the judicial authorities and were the subject of other judicial findings.

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