Boulnoir: Pressure must increase on normalized regimes to protect the Palestinian people – Algerian Dialogue

Hajj Al-Taher Boulnoir, head of the National Association of Merchants and Artisans, stressed supporting Gaza with consumer, medical and fuel supplies.

During the “Dialogue” forum on solidarity convoys with the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, Bourlenoir said that support for Palestine continues because the matter could take a long time.
Boulnoir added that individual or joint statements must confirm that “the enemy is not only the Zionist entity, but America. The whole world has confirmed that these agreements have become futile.”
Boulnoir said: Every country depends on the United Nations and its decisions are a waste of time. The pressure must increase on the regimes, especially with normalized countries that have agreements with the entity.
He added: These normalizing countries did not succeed in their mediation, even in pleading for the introduction of medicines, and he stressed the necessity of criminalizing normalization and denouncing it, and the normalizing countries must review themselves.

Palestine is exposed to organized terrorism
In the same context, the head of the National Organization of Merchants, Craftsmen and Investors, Hajj Tahar Boulnoir, explained that associations and organizations are based on the solidarity aspect, and therefore there must be bodies with experience in the humanitarian field that supervise these operations, stressing that the Algerian people across the country, including families and merchants, We are ready to unite the believer, considering that the Palestinian issue is his central issue, calling for the necessity of this solidarity work to continue, because the Zionist entity’s aggression in the Gaza Strip and the occupied territories continues, and therefore our solidarity movement must continue even after the end of the unjust Zionist aggression against the residents of Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories, noting Palestine needs long-term help and support.
On the other hand, the President of the National Association of Merchants, Craftsmen and Investors called on all speeches issued by political parties, organizations and associations to describe the Zionist entity that forcefully seized control of Palestine, as he considered it the source of evil for all of humanity and a destructive enemy, with the necessity of including individual and joint statements denouncing the United States of America. Supporting the Zionist entity, and that it focuses its policy on the reports it receives from its bodies that obscure the truth about the comprehensive destruction of lives and infrastructure in the Strip, and supports the moral, religious, and humanitarian enemy, stressing that normalization and the Oslo Accords are of no use, and even the United Nations has not done anything about what is happening. From the aggression and humanitarian catastrophe to which the degraded Palestinian people are exposed, stressing that what Palestine is exposed to is terrorism, occupation, and a shame on the foreheads of the Arab countries that have a hand in hand with this entity, calling on them to review their positions to erase the shame tattooed on their foreheads.

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