Boukhalfa Yaissi: The imminent start of the solar project and the production of two thousand megawatts of electricity in 2025 – Algerian Dialogue


The Director General of the Algerian Green Energy Complex, Professor Boukhalfa Yaissi, announced today, Tuesday, the imminent start of the solar project in early 2024, anticipating the production of about two thousand megawatts of electricity by mid-2025.
When he appeared as a guest on the “Morning Guest” program of the Algerian Radio One Channel, Yassi confirmed the real launch of the Solar 1000 project as of 2024, highlighting that the project has come under the full sponsorship of the Sonelgaz complex.
The same spokesman explained that the “Solar” project includes 11 states, most of them in the south, with a total cost of 171.7 billion dinars (equivalent to 1.175 billion dollars).
Guest Al-Sabah reported that the coming days will witness the signing of contracts between Sonelgaz for Renewable Energy and the contracting institutions, explaining that the “Solar 1000 Solar Energy” project aims to generate 15,000 megawatts of clean electricity by 2035.
Boukhalfa expects to produce more than 600 megawatts before the end of 2024, with a move to produce nearly two thousand megawatts by mid-2025, considering the “Solar” project as an introduction for all customers to improve performance and achieve better results in the future.
Yassi recorded that Algerian-manufactured solar panels will be produced, applauding the political will of the President of the Republic to implement the aforementioned project, and emphasized that “Solar 1000” is only the beginning, in light of Algeria’s planning for a larger project related to the green economy.
The Director of the Green Energies Complex called on Algeria to accelerate the manufacture and transformation of green hydrogen in Algeria through the production of ammonia and other products needed by agriculture, for example but not limited to, especially with the change that Algeria is witnessing, which allows for economic diversification, especially with the availability of natural gas, which constitutes a very important competitive advantage. This will encourage foreign institutions to come and invest in Algeria.

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