Boghali condemns the silence of some parliaments in the face of racist practices, violation of rights and burning of the Noble Qur’an – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


The President of the National People’s Assembly, Brahim Bougali, condemned today, Monday in Algiers, the silence of some parliaments in the face of racist practices and the violation of rights and laws in their countries, as well as the burning of the Holy Quran.
Mr. Boghali, while presiding over a session dedicated to presenting the draft law specifying the conditions and modalities for granting economic real estate belonging to the private property of the state directed to the completion of investment projects, denounced what some parliamentary groupings are doing to “appoint themselves as custodians of rights and values ​​the world and do not sit on it when it comes to others.” And remain silent and do not move a finger if the rights and laws are violated.”
The session took place in the presence of the Minister of Finance, Aziz Fayed, and the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Basma Azwar.
He added: “How can these parliaments claim democracy and not comment or issue a mere statement condemning racist practices and violating rights and laws? the authorities”.
He also affirmed his condemnation of “all forms of extremism, extremism, and racism,” calling for “sincere cooperation in devotion to the values ​​of humanity for a planet that has a clean environment, a clean mind, and treatment that is based on the principle of respect between countries and peoples.”
And he continued saying that “parliaments that represent peoples play a pivotal role in defending just causes, working to spread human values ​​and principles, standing in the face of arrogance and aggression, advocating for vulnerable peoples, and avoiding suffocation with different standards, especially towards issues of human rights and human dignity.” “.
On the other hand, and referring to the date of June 30, which represents the International Day for Parliamentary Action, which was held this year under the slogan “Parliaments for the Planet”, Mr. Boghali mentioned that Algeria enacted many laws and other times “to comply with global trends to protect the environment and confront change.” climate.”
He explained that the National People’s Assembly had created the Parliamentary Network for Climate, which had participation in various international forums organized in this regard.

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