Bengrina calls for uniting efforts to preserve Algeria’s new gains – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


The head of the National Building Movement, Abdelkader Bengrina, called Thursday in Algiers for preserving the nation’s gains by strengthening cohesion between the people and their institutions, in order to complete the process of building a new Algeria.
In his opening speech during a gathering of the movement on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the restoration of national sovereignty, Bengrina enumerated the successes of Algeria, which managed to preserve its security and sovereignty in various fields, in addition to the expansion of the country’s centrality in the regional and international arenas, stressing the need to exploit these successes in light of the unstable international order. .
He added, “Algeria was and will remain strong with the unity of its people and the solidity of its internal front, against which all plans to target it are shattered,” stressing that “this unity is manifested today by the unity and harmony of the national decision.”
In the same context, the head of the National Building Movement mentioned the “national initiative to enhance cohesion and secure the future,” which – as he said – “succeeded in its first steps and is moving towards achieving its final goal thanks to the efforts of all partners and their awareness of their national responsibility.”
On the other hand, he praised the “policy of self-reliance”, considering it the way to achieve comprehensive security for the country in order to protect national security, which was protected by the Algerian people who are united with their army, youth and elites.
He also called for the continued development of the media system “to contribute to marketing Algeria’s image and protecting it from targeting, especially since the media is the weapon of the future.”

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