Ben Taleb: “More than 141,000 people entitled to the unemployment grant benefited from vocational training” – Algerian Dialogue


The Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Faisal Ben Taleb, revealed today, Saturday in Algiers, that more than 141,000 people entitled to unemployment benefits benefited from vocational training until last August, with the aim of increasing the employability of this category..

During a media symposium on evaluating employment processes in various sectors organized by the Ministry of Communication, Ben Taleb explained that “in an effort to increase the employability of beneficiaries of the unemployment grant and within the framework of the accompaniment directed to this category, 141,345 beneficiaries were formed until last August, of whom 83,632 beneficiaries graduated.”

Ben Taleb stated that the number of beneficiaries of the unemployment grant exceeded two million, and that more than 26,000 were appointed to permanent job positions.

Regarding the Vocational Integration Assistance System, he confirmed that more than half a million beneficiaries of the Vocational Integration Assistance System have been integrated into permanent job positions in institutions and departments.

General Assembly until September 2023, adding that they also benefit from various social security services such as retirement.

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