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Today, Saturday, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Faisal Ben Taleb, supervised the work of the national meeting of the General Labor Inspectorate’s frameworks, at the level of the family center of the National Social Insurance Fund for wage-earners in Ben Aknoun.

In a speech he delivered on the occasion, the Minister explained that this meeting aims to identify the achievements achieved, evaluate the performance of the Labor Inspectorate, and determine the prospects for the next stage, stressing the need to maintain the stability of the social climate and enhance the culture of dialogue. The Minister noted that the social income 2023-2024 has been characterized by stability and calm, This is thanks to a number of measures and actions taken by the President of the Republic in order to strengthen and enhance the social front, preserve its gains, and protect vulnerable groups, especially through wage increases for the employee category, which will see further increases in 2024, tax exemptions and reductions on total income that workers and employees benefited from. , Integrating beneficiaries of the assistance system for the professional and social integration of certificate holders, valuing retirement pensions and grants, the unemployment grant and the increase that has been known, in addition to strengthening social dialogue mechanisms by establishing a new legislative and regulatory framework that frames the exercise of the union right as well as the prevention and settlement of collective disputes at work and its practice. Right to strike.

On the other hand, the Minister stressed the need to strengthen the role of the labor inspector in the field, especially through training to keep pace with the tremendous changes brought about by the digital revolution and the challenges it imposed on labor markets, as well as new patterns and forms of work.

Reviewing the inspectorate’s tally, the minister revealed that 154,732 visits were recorded during the first nine months of the current year, an increase of 21,725 ​​visits, equivalent to a rate of 16.3% compared to the same period last year.

As for declaring workers to social security bodies, the Minister explained that the field outings of labor inspectors enabled the amicable settlement of the situation of 14,035 workers towards the National Social Insurance Fund for wage-earners, during the first nine months of the year 2023.

In this regard, the Minister confirmed that oversight activities included all fields stipulated in labor legislation, including combating the non-declaration of workers, indicating that the sector’s efforts are still continuing to ensure social coverage for all workers, as it falls within Commitment 42 of the President of the Republic.

At the conclusion of his intervention, the Minister stressed the need to accompany the social partners, through awareness-raising, guidance, and anticipating conflict situations, as well as within the framework of adapting and matching their basic laws with the legislative and regulatory provisions included in the new law related to the exercise of the right to trade unions, emphasizing the pivotal role of the Labor Inspectorate in implementing the provisions of the new law. Regarding the prevention of collective conflicts at work and the exercise of the right to strike, as well as the regulatory texts emanating from it, completing the development of the necessary infrastructure for the digitization of the Labor Inspectorate, accelerating the digitization of the procedures and services carried out by the General Labor Inspectorate,

Redoubling efforts in oversight work, and constantly accompanying institutions in order to help them reach radical and final solutions to the disputes and tensions that they may encounter.

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