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Today, Wednesday, the Prime Minister, Ayman bin Abdel Rahman, chaired a government meeting, devoted to studying a number of points related to the sectors of finance, vocational training and education, youth and sports, and agriculture, according to a statement of the Prime Minister’s interests, the full text of which follows.

“This Wednesday, September 27, 2023, the Prime Minister, Mr. Ayman bin Abdel Rahman, chaired a government meeting, which was held at the Government Palace. During its weekly meeting, the government studied the following points:

In the field of finance:

The government studied a preliminary draft law that includes the budget settlement for the year 2021, presented by the Minister of Finance.
This draft text falls within the framework of implementing the constitutional provisions that enshrine legislative oversight over the executive branch, and allows for the provision of qualitative information to all actors, as well as the submission of a report on the use of the approved financial appropriations and the implementation of the Finance Law for the year in question and the Corrective Finance Law for the same year.
This is one of the documents devoted to the field of budget transparency, as it provides information about financial governance and the performance of institutions charged with managing public finances.
Moreover, the Minister of Finance presented a draft executive decree specifying the conditions and methods for the customs administration’s destruction of seized, confiscated, or abandoned goods.
This draft text will allow determining the conditions and methods for the customs administration to destroy seized, confiscated or abandoned goods.
It aims to preserve the interests of all parties and enhance transparency when managing and processing this category of goods.

In the field of vocational training and education:

The Minister of Vocational Training and Education gave a presentation on the upcoming entry into vocational training.
The presentation touched on the preparations related to the next two courses of vocational training and education, especially with regard to the calendar of activities, training and supervision offers, and financial means.

In the field of youth and sports:

The government listened to the presentation of the Minister of Youth and Sports on preparing elite and high-level athletes for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024.
The presentation mainly focused on the means used to accompany and coach qualified athletes, especially semi-Olympic athletes.

Finally, in the field of agriculture:

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development gave a presentation on the progress of the process of rehabilitating, expanding and developing the Green Dam.
It should be noted that this strategic project, which is of national importance, aims to preserve the national ecosystem in its ecological, environmental, social and economic dimensions, through programs to protect and enhance resources and improve the quality of living of the local population, and falls within the perspective of sustainable development that ensures the creation of wealth and the creation of jobs.

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