Ben Abd al-Rahman condolences the families of the martyrs of the fires – Al-Hiwar Algeria


Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdelrahman, on the official Facebook page, offered condolences to the families of the martyrs of the fires.

And Ben Abdelrahmane posted on the official page on Facebook: With deep sorrow and deep emotion, I received the news of the painful tragedy that took the lives of our citizens, civilians and members of the People’s National Army, as a result of the forest fires that swept some states of our country.

On this painful and unfortunate occasion, I can only share the families of the victims of their sufferings and sorrows in what happened to them, and to offer them the most sincere phrases of consolation and the most sincere sympathy and sympathy, calling on the Almighty Almighty, to shroud the lives of the pure victims with the mercy of his mercy and forgiveness, and to dwell in their vast paradise, and to inspire their families. Most of the wounded healing and keeping them from all bad and hatred.

And give glad tidings to the patient who, when a calamity befalls them, say, “We belong to Allah, and to Him we shall return.” Those upon them are blessings from their Lord and mercy, and those are the ones who are rightly guided.

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