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The Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments, Youssef Belmehdi, said that the Imam contributed greatly to preserving the Islamic identity of Algerians, praising the Imam’s efforts to reconcile relations and resolve conflicts with moderate religious discourse.

Belmehdi revealed in his speech today, Friday, during his supervision of the opening of the activities commemorating the National Day of the Imam from the state of Ghardaia, that “our religious authority is our spiritual and moral weapon with which we repel the evil of enemies,” calling for the necessity of taking caution and being wary of what is being plotted against us.

By the way, the Minister stressed the importance of strengthening national cohesion, saying: “We must be united, and no one can infiltrate our country and question its capabilities.”

The same speaker touched on the role of the imam in building society, educating youth, and the morals of public life, adding that he “holds a noble school of ethics and in combating extremist ideologies.”

He added: “The imam also has a role in confronting and invalidating rumors and malicious propaganda, in addition to his role in accompanying the members of our diaspora community and preserving their deep-rooted Islamic foundations.”

Belmahdi also spoke about the necessity of strengthening training in the religious field to keep pace with the requirements of contemporary life in which there is no place except for the strong, indicating that this view was at the heart of the Ministry’s concerns to enable imams to carry out their noble tasks with merit.

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