Belmehdi: “Algeria supports teaching the Holy Qur’an and honors its children who have memorized it.” – Algerian dialogue


The Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments, Youssef Belmehdi, confirmed that Algeria supports Quranic education and honors its memorizers.

Belmehdi said, on the sidelines of honoring Governor Yasmine Ould Dali, that Algeria always seeks to develop Quranic education and serve it through the ministry’s efforts in Quranic schools and zawiyas.

The minister pointed out that Algeria is in renewed joy after the conservator, Yasmine Ould Dali, was crowned third in the International Women’s Holy Quran Competition in Dubai, saying: “She is a graduate of the National Holy Quran Week in Beni Abbes, where she was crowned first.”

He added: “This coronation is the result of the effort of the student who obtained the baccalaureate with a GPA of 18.40 in the scientific section, as she proved her competence in Quranic education and Tajweed and achieved this strong rank with the participation of more than 60 countries.”

Belmehdi revealed that this year will be the National Holy Quran Week in its 25th edition, adding: “The Holy Quran Week has become the school that creates those winners who run for us and succeed and then represent Algeria in the best way.”

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