Belaribi reveals important details about the progress of work on the “Hawsh Al-Rih” justice site – Al-Hiwar Algeria


The Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi, announced that the “Adal” housing site in Housh El Rih is almost complete.
In his speech after the inspection visit he made with an important ministerial delegation, Belaribi confirmed that the visit came to inspect the progress of the external preparation works in the Housh El Rih residences.
The minister pointed out that the external preparation took a great deal of time and financial resources, saying: “50 billion Algerian dinars were devoted to preparing the roads with wind turbines.”
He added: “Our interest was in fortifying the “Adal” housing site in Hosh Al-Rih, and this is what we achieved.”
The Minister of Housing also revealed that the housing completion rate is close to completion, with 6,500 housing units.
He continued: “There are 14 public facilities at the Hosh Al-Rih residential site, including primary, secondary and middle schools, and even a multi-service clinic.”

Arkab: The Sonelgaz complex works in coordination with “Adjust” to connect the Hosh Al-Rih site
For his part, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, confirmed that the Sonelgaz complex is working in full coordination with the “Adl” agency, in order to connect the new residential site as well as expand the electrical and gas networks, especially since all the supplies are available locally, so that this distribution includes all the urban poles.
Arkab also indicated that Sonelgaz is working to ensure comprehensive coverage of the electricity and gas networks in the new urban location for all citizens, through a project to implement an electric transformer and a center to reduce gas pressure in the region.
The Minister also appreciated the efforts of Sonelgaz, who supervises the completion of various projects related to energy connectivity, especially in terms of the speed in implementing a number of projects and providing quality service to all citizens.

Triki: The Hosh Al-Rih site will be a model for postal and telecommunications services

The Minister of Post and Telecommunications confirmed, Baby Tricky Cream However, the sector is ready, in cooperation with the rest of the involved parties, especially at the local level, to rise to the challenge of making the pole a model location that allows citizens to benefit from postal and telecommunications services, in addition to other services, when receiving housing.
In anticipation of this, during the visit, the Minister gave instructions to the sector’s executives on the need to continue careful and forward-looking monitoring of the pole’s coverage needs in both the postal and telecommunications services sectors and to work to receive the various programmed projects within their specified deadlines.

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