Belaribi chairs a technical meeting in preparation for the distribution of housing for justice on the 1st of November – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia


Today, Tuesday, the Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City, Mr. Mohamed Tariq Belaaribi, chaired a technical meeting on two main axes, preparing the housing distribution process on the 1st of November, with regard to rental housing “Adl” and the number of shops that were marketed in the “Adl” program.

The meeting was attended by the central executives of the Ministry, in addition to the Director General of the National Agency for Housing Improvement and Development “Adl”, as well as the regional directors.

After presenting the number of residences to be completed before the 1st of next November, the various programs that know technical obstacles were discussed, as the Minister gave instructions on the need for coordination between the Director General of Housing, the Director General of Construction and Architecture, the Director General of the City, and the Director General of the Agency. National Housing Improvement and Development “Justice”.

This is in order to remove all obstacles and schedule meetings with state directors in order to ensure the completion of projects within their deadlines.

In the second axis, the file of the shops affiliated with the “Adl” agency, which were marketed at the national level, was also discussed, in addition to the commercial centers that are scheduled to be built in residential neighborhoods.

Strict instructions given by the Minister stipulate the necessity of completing these commercial centers at the level of “Adl” neighborhoods.

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