Belabed: President Tebboune ordered the financial support for the participants in the Algerian International Mathematics Competitions – Al-Hiwar


Minister of Education Abdel Hakim Belabed revealed that the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, gave directives to provide financial and material support for the participants in various international mathematics competitions.

Today, Monday, during the inauguration of the Second International Forum on the topic of “Teaching and Learning Mathematics,” Belabed said, “a joint ministerial committee has been set up that includes the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as well as the Ministry of Finance under the supervision of the Prime Minister, and this is to look into the modalities of financial support, which allows ensuring regular participation of our country in international competitions.” In the same context, the minister added: “Our children’s students excelled in international mathematics competitions, which is a satisfactory indicator, as they ranked third in the world, without forgetting the very honorable participation in winning first place in the Mathematics Olympiad last year.”

And the Minister of Education considered in his speech that: “The technological and educational skills that our country must face are in keeping with the requirements of the times, dependent on raising the quality of the performance of the Algerian school and improving its performance and profitability, and therefore we are required to upgrade technological and scientific education and give it the necessary care, as it does not stop at the delivery of specific knowledge and skills.” Not only in technical and scientific subjects, but also in acquiring the competencies that allow the rising generations to master the use of technology in their lives, and the development of thought that creates a new mentality among the citizen.”

And Belabed appreciated the efforts made by the higher authorities in teaching the mathematics section, which has borne fruit – according to him -, adding in the same context: “We have recorded a remarkable improvement in the results of this subject, especially in the primary education stage, while the mathematics section in secondary education ranks first. In the last five years, compared to other people, I also ranked first in the baccalaureate last year.

And the Minister of Education indicated that: “Instructions were given to the directors of education, and through them the directors of secondary schools and the directors of school and vocational guidance centers, and this is to direct a diverse and rich program targeting first-year secondary students to encourage the selection of the mathematics section, given the promising prospects it provides,” stressing in the same context that: “The Ministry has taken a number of measures to show the intellectual importance of the material, which provides a fertile environment for discovering talents.” Belabed revealed that: “The Ministry of Education is working, in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to establish a secondary school specialized in mathematics, in addition to the existing ones.”

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