Batna.. Arrest of a person in a case of speculation in consumer goods and seizure of 2,225 kilograms of sugar – Algerian Dialogue


Members of the National Gendarmerie’s research platoon in Batna were able to arrest a 42-year-old person in the case of misuse of consumer goods.
The operation was carried out based on information received by the research platoon of the National Gendarmerie in Batna, stating that there is a secret workshop whose owner, named (A.H.), 42 years old, transforms enriched sugar into honey intended for home consumption.
As a result, a patrol was formed and moved to the location after completing the legal procedures and in coordination with the trade departments, and immediately after the inspection, 2,225 kilograms of sugar were seized, 1,560 expired 50 ml bottles of rose water, 72 expired 25 ml glass bottles of rose water. 144 bottles of 25 ml of apple cider vinegar and more than 8,600 kilograms of honey, including no product label and no trademark, some fashionable and ready for sale under the name Balsam, in addition to a 1,000-liter tank half-filled with honey, in addition to reserving 3 ovens and a dedicated ROSIERE machine. In the process of dissolving sugar and a significant amount of labels and canning equipment
The suspect was arrested for misdemeanor speculation in consumer goods, practicing commercial activity outside the scope of the commercial registry, misdemeanor non-invoicing, and misdemeanor deception or attempting to deceive the consumer.
All entrances to the garage were waxed, for the purpose of continuing the process of seizure and destruction with the concerned departments. After seizure and inventory, all honey was destroyed, while the refined white sugar and the sugar conversion machine were delivered to the State Property Directorate.

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