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Minister of Relations with Parliament, Bassma Azzouar, presented the text of an organic law amending and supplementing Organic Law No. 16-12, which defines the organization and work of the People’s National Assembly and the Council of the Nation, as well as the functional relations between them and the government, before the members of the Council of the Nation.

During her presentation and discussion, the Minister devoted the text of an organic law that amends and completes the law that defines the organization of the National People’s Assembly and the Council of the Nation, their work, as well as the functional relations between them and the government.

At the beginning of her presentation, the minister recalled the reforms initiated by the President of the Republic immediately after assuming the leadership of the country on December 12, 2019, stemming from his commitments that he made to himself in order to build a new Algeria, starting with a comprehensive review of the country’s constitution, which was among the most important of these commitments, and what emerged from it. Very important organic laws, the most important of which is the organic law for elections, in addition to the challenges that the country’s supreme authorities have taken on themselves in order to provide conditions that guarantee true representation of the Algerian people and respect for their choice and sovereignty.

As for the text of this organic law, Basma Azwar explained that it falls within the framework of adapting its provisions to the new requirements and provisions approved by the constitutional amendment. functions that link them with the executive body to ensure greater efficiency and a better balance between them.

In the same race, the Minister touched, after that, in detail on the axes included in this text, which includes seventeen (17) articles, whereby twenty-four (24) articles were amended and six (06) new articles were included. The first axis included the legislative field, while the second axis relates to in the field of parliamentary oversight.

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