Baji announces the date and location of the Aflan Conference


The Secretary-General of the Aflan, Abu Al-Fadl Baaji, during his supervision of the meeting of the heads of the transitional committees of the governorates on Sunday, September 10, 2023 (HM)

Abu Al-Fadl Baaji, Secretary-General of the National Liberation Front (Al-Aflan) party, revealed that the Algerian state departments granted the license to hold the party’s eleventh conference, noting that the subcommittees and the General Policy Statement Committee have begun setting the political regulations.

Baaji said in a press statement, on Sunday, that it was decided to hold the conference on the 29th, 30th and 31st of next October at the Abdel Latif Rahal Conference Palace, and starting today the subcommittees and the General Policy Statement Committee will begin to set the political regulations.

Earlier this year, the “Aflan” leadership announced the completion of the process of depositing the minutes of the election of delegates with the National Committee for the Preparation of the Eleventh Congress, in accordance with the directives of the Secretary-General of the party, Abu al-Fadl Baaji, and in implementation of the instructions regarding the deposit of minutes and forms for the election of delegates by the committee heads. The transitional party has 67 governorates, and thus the party has made additional strides towards consolidating the conference, the fate of which was ambiguous, in light of talk about the difficulty of obtaining a legal license to hold it, and at the same time the continued divisions within the party and the impact of the situation accumulated over the past two years on the conduct of internal affairs.

Although the party has progressed in its preparations for the conference, whether it comes to electing delegates or preparing regulations, preparing the basic law, and handing over subscriptions to the party’s electors, many questions have been raised about the reasons for the party’s leadership’s hesitation in setting a final date for the conference, and contenting itself with providing dates that are postponed each time under the pretext of continuation. Preparations and the absence of a license to organize the conference despite organizational and financial readiness.

The party leadership denied these accusations completely and in detail, stressing that the party is on its way towards holding the conference, which is an exceptional challenge for it, considering that the conference is being held in a new national context with all the organizational and political stakes that this imposes that need to organize and arrange the papers in order to keep pace with developments. Current and embodiment of the slogan of serving the people and the state.

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