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The Director General of Algerian Radio, Mohamed Baghali, held a working meeting this morning at the European Broadcasting Union headquarters in Geneva with Union officials devoted to discussing the issue of reviewing subscriptions, as well as the future of cooperation between the parties.
In this meeting, in which the Director General of the Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporation in Algeria participated, and the Assistant Director General of Algerian Television, fundamental issues that could be considered controversial were discussed, and their treatment will establish the future of the relationship and cooperation between the Algerian public audiovisual institutions and the European Broadcasting Union.
At the forefront of the concerns that the Algerian party insists on starting to address before delving into any other issues is the issue of fees and annual subscription rights, which the Algerian party considers to be very high and heavy, and does not fully take into account the specificity and capabilities of Algerian institutions, compared to the limited services, accompaniment, and facilities that you may benefit from. The Union, which is the point at which the Director General of Algerian Radio, Mohamed Baghali, strongly stopped, who recalled the outcomes of the last July meeting in Algeria, which established a frank and serious discussion between the two parties that must lead to practical and concrete measures, including reviewing subscriptions towards a decrease, while examining the issue of canceling delay penalties in Payment, and attaching this to a basket of practical proposals and initiatives related to the services that the Union will provide in special fields such as the field of training and technical accompaniment, and facilities related to the transfer and coverage of various events, in addition to adopting more flexibility and objectivity in exchange.
Adding that the Algerian institutions are interested in remaining and continuing in the union, but in all honesty, they cannot, for objective financial reasons related to their capabilities, continue to bear these heavy subscriptions, so it is necessary for us to review them towards a decrease.
It appeared through the interventions that the Union’s administration showed what it expressed as a complete understanding of the Algerian position, and showed an intention to deal seriously and as positively as possible with these proposals and demands. This was confirmed by the Director General of the Union, Nawal Krane, and then the Director of Cooperation and Communication, Michele Rofroli, when she recalled what she had expressed about the good cooperation relationship between the Union and Algerian institutions in the field of training, which allowed the training of more than 100 journalists and producers in various fields between the years 2012 and 2016. She also stressed that the federation will work to expand and diversify its services to members, especially in the field of sports rights and other activities, calling for the need for Algerian institutions to engage in the various work committees within the federation and provide their positive contributions.
The Federation’s administration also spoke about the future Algerian project represented by the media city “Algeria Media City” and expressed its desire and willingness to provide technical assistance and expertise in it.
Discussions are continuing with all frankness and depth between the two parties, and it is likely that this evening’s meeting will come out with decisive decisions that the Algerian delegation wants to address first the issue of reviewing subscriptions, residuals, and other exemptions related to late fines, before delving into other issues related to work and future cooperation, despite their importance.

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