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Today, Monday, the Minister of National Education, Abdel Hakim Belaabed, announced that the national success rate in the baccalaureate exams of the June 2023 session had reached 50.63 percent, revealing that Mohamed El-Amine Ben Kadache is the first nationally in the 2023 baccalaureate certificate, with a score of 19.50.

In a press interview in the capital, Belabed stated that the number of those who passed with an excellent grade (18 and above over 20) reached 1415, while the number of those who passed with a very good grade (between 16 and 17.99 out of 20) was 16,671. Obtained a GPA equal to or greater than 10 out of 20.

The number of successful people according to the people was as follows:

Etiquette and philosophy: 33.50 percent

Foreign languages: 53.40 percent

Management and economy: 34.39 percent

Experimental sciences: 60.85 percent

Mathematics: 79.22 percent

Mathematical technician and mechanical engineering: 58.43 percent

Mathematical technician and electrical engineering: 60.20 percent

Mathematical technician and civil engineering: 61.67 percent

Mathematical Technologist and Methods Engineering: 57.82 percent

Muhammad Al-Amin bin Kadash, the first nationally

Belaabed stated that Mohamed El-Amine Benkdache (Division of Experimental Sciences) came first nationally in the 2023 baccalaureate degree with an average of 19.50, with a rate of 19.50 out of 20, noting that Benkdache obtained an average of 19.62 out of 20 in basic subjects.

Oussama Daachi from Setif Province (Experimental Sciences Division) came second with a score of 19.32 and an average of 19.81 out of 20 in basic subjects.

Iman Fatima Al-Zahraa Hilal came from the state of Saida (Experimental Sciences Division), third, with 19.32 and 19.47 out of 20 in the distinguished subjects of the Experimental Sciences Division.

Al Ummah Cubs Schools: 98.34 percent success rate

With regard to the results of the nation’s cubs’ schools, Belabed noted that a success rate was recorded at 98.34 percent, while those with motor special needs achieved a success rate of 36.03 percent, in addition to 65.85 percent for those with visual challenges.

The minister pointed to the significant decline in fraud, saying: “Since the beginning of this phenomenon in 2013, we have recorded 289 fraud operations this year, including 95 teachers and 194 among free candidates.

The minister concluded that “starting with the academic season 2023-2024, the capacity to accommodate the Mathematics High School in the dome will be expanded, so that the number of students will double.”

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