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The recent weather fluctuations caused significant material losses

The recent rains that particularly affected the central and eastern states of the country caused major material losses, causing road collapses, soil erosion, and the fall of trees, cars, and floating buildings. The accumulation of snow also caused the closure of several national and state roads.

As a result, the National Gendarmerie units and the Civil Protection Services recorded several interventions following the weather fluctuations, as the Protection Units carried out several operations to absorb rainwater leaking into several residences and facilities, in addition to inspecting soil erosion and some wall collapses.

The Civil Protection Services published the results of their interventions following the recent weather fluctuations that included several states of the country, and revealed that the process of absorbing accumulated rainwater was carried out in several neighborhoods in Skikda, and 146 families were evacuated as a precautionary measure in the same state, and the body of a deceased person was recovered due to soil erosion with a lathe. .

According to the same interests, during the past two days, families were evacuated and people stranded due to the rise in rain water levels were rescued, including 43 families in the municipality of Skikda to the Youth House and 20 other families in the municipality of Ramadan Jamal as a result of the rise in the water levels of Wadi Safsaf, as well as the evacuation of 77 families from their homes to the middle school. And the municipal library as a preventive measure in the municipality of Hamadi Krouma, and in the municipality of Haroush, 6 families were evacuated from their homes to a primary school as a preventive measure, while rainwater was absorbed at the level of 400 homes.

In the province of Bejaia, the same authorities recovered the body of a person who died as a result of a soil erosion in the place called Tamalhat in the municipality of Kharrata, and the rise in the water level of the valley in the Sisaoui neighborhood, in the municipality of Constantine, led to the sweeping away of two huts in which two families lived, without recording human casualties, and in the municipality of Didouche Mourad, 3 people were rescued. On board 3 cars, they were stuck at the level of the Hama Bozian turning axis on National Road No. 3 due to the accumulation of rainwater. The high level of rainwater in the municipality of Zighoud Youssef led to the sweeping of two containers, a car, and agricultural equipment inside a barn, without recording human casualties.

In the municipality of Qaram Qouqa in the state of Mila, two people were rescued stuck on the roof of a house due to rising water levels, while in the municipality of Ain Melilla three cars stuck due to the accumulation of rain water were removed. As for the state of Batna, two people who were stuck on board a tourist car were rescued following the rise in the level of the Mashta Torna Valley. In the municipality of Garma.

For its part, the Information and Traffic Coordination Center of the National Gendarmerie, “My Road,” recorded closed roads due to the weather fluctuations witnessed in many states. The statement explained that a number of closed national roads were recorded due to the weather situation across 3 states, and this concerns each of Bouira, Tizi Ouzou. And Bejaia.

As for Bouira, the snow closed Road No. 15, linking the states of Bouira and Tizi Ouzou, exactly in the Kul Tirourda area of ​​Agbalou, and also National Road No. 33, linking the states of Bouira and Tizi Ouzou, exactly at the level of the Ikokar municipality of Bechloul, closed for the same reason. The state of Tizi Ouzou also witnessed accumulation. Snow on National Road No. 33 linking Bouira and Tizi Ouzou in the Assoul region of the municipality of Ait Boumehdi, while the National Gendarmerie recorded the collapse of a bridge on National Road No. 9A at the entrance to the municipality of Taskriout.

The authorities also reported that National Road No. 3 at the level of the Adadi and Mashta Mahadia stations, the municipality of Ain Melilla, Oum El Bouaghi Province, is closed due to high water levels.

It should be noted that the local authorities in the various states of the country have previously taken a number of proactive measures in the context of preparing for the fall season and preventing the dangers of torrential torrents and floods resulting from weather fluctuations, in implementation of the instructions of the Ministry of Interior, local groups and urban planning, as they carried out extensive operations that affected all municipalities. To clean and prepare valleys, purify drains, waterways, and reefs, not to mention cleaning the edges of public roads, as well as repairing blockages recorded in the sewage network, which greatly contributed to reducing the risk of floods and the dangers resulting from weather fluctuations.

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