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Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Attaf, supervised the conclusion of the ministerial meeting of African and Northern European countries

Attaf said: As we conclude our meeting, I would like to thank you all for your distinguished attendance, your constructive participation, and your valuable contributions to the success of this important stage in the process of cooperation and partnership between African countries and Northern European countries.

Our rich discussions between yesterday and today have demonstrated a high sense of responsibility, great interest in the topics at hand, and greater adherence to this important mechanism that brings together our countries, unites our endeavors, and consolidates our commitment to the principles and goals enshrined by the United Nations.

I fully realize that it is not easy to provide a comprehensive and sufficient summary of the results that emerged from our deliberations and consultations, but I believe that five basic conclusions impose themselves as we close the curtain on this session:

The first conclusion: Our work has strengthened, deserved, and deserved the existence of this mechanism, and has confirmed everyone’s adherence to it. It has succeeded to a large extent in framing our dialogue, consolidating our relations, and coordinating our joint endeavors over the past two decades. As much as it is necessary to maintain the flexibility that was an important feature of this mechanism, we have become convinced of the importance of adopting procedural arrangements that preserve the institutional memory of our joint efforts and contribute to the sustainability and strengthening of this consultative and coordination framework.
The second conclusion: Our work has shed light on the unprecedented challenges taking place in global and regional situations, in light of an almost paralyzed international system, international relations characterized by turmoil and polarization, and a continental reality burdened by accumulated crises, worsening conflicts, and terrorist threats that African countries and peoples suffer from, in particular In the Sahel Sahel region. Our consultations concluded with the need to work to transform these challenges into opportunities for cooperation and partnership, and to employ the tremendous youth energy in Africa, in a way that serves our common goals and aspirations in the areas of peace, security, and sustainable development.

The third conclusion: Our work has confirmed our commitment to multilateral international action, and to the international system based on clear and fair rules that all nations govern equally, as countries with a heard voice, guaranteed security, protected sovereignty, and respected interests. There is no doubt that our world today is in dire need of upholding these values, as we are witnessing the return of manifestations of resorting to the logic of the “balance of power,” the logic of the “overwhelming minority at the expense of the oppressed majority,” and the logic of “double standards” in dealing with even the most heinous crimes committed against an entire people. Like the massacre that befell our people in Gaza yesterday, amid terrible international silence. It is as if the international community is saying: Silence, there are people being killed! Scott, there are people being destroyed! Scott, there are people fleeing! Scott, there are people being exterminated!

Fourth conclusion: Our work has confirmed that African-North European cooperation must continue to grow to form a model to be emulated within the broader framework of the North-South partnership, by supporting the principle of African ownership and accompanying the embodiment of continental goals and priorities, especially:
– In the context of the efforts made to implement and activate the pioneering projects of the ambitious Agenda 2063, especially the Continental Free Trade Area, which in itself is considered an integral tool for Africa’s development,
– Or in the context of efforts aimed at ensuring African responsibility for African problems, by developing mechanisms that are more responsive to the requirements of the continental situation in the areas of maintaining peace and security.

Fifth conclusion: Our work has confirmed that cooperation and coordination between our countries must go beyond the circumstantial factor, and must not be limited to the meeting in which we meet on an annual basis. On the contrary, the distinguished relationship that brings together our countries must extend its constructive and positive impact to international forums, especially the United Nations, where we can work together as a homogeneous bloc to restore the required momentum to the principles and goals enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

These are the most important results that I believe summarize the rich discussions and constructive dialogues that took place between us, taking into account “the glass is half full” and “half empty,” as my colleague and friend, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Denmark, emphasized, to whom I wish success, and to whom I express our aspiration. To participate in the next session, which will be hosted by his friendly country next year.

I also take this opportunity to assure you of the readiness of my country, which is preparing to occupy a non-permanent seat on the Security Council, and its commitment, under the leadership of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to continue working in coordination with all of you, to advance the goals of peace and security internationally and regionally, to strengthen our collective support for just causes, and to make the voice of grounded wisdom heard. On principles and values ​​that serve all of humanity.

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