Ataf: There is an Algerian-Turkish consensus on the most important political issue in the world – the Algerian dialogue


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, Ahmed Ataf, revealed that the relations between Algeria and Turkey are witnessing great momentum on the political and economic levels, and we seek to develop them in all fields.

Foreign Minister Ahmed Ataf said during a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart, Hakan Fidan, today, Thursday, on the sidelines of his visit to Turkey, “We supervised the work of the second session of the Algerian-Turkish joint planning committee, and we seek to raise the volume of trade exchange between the two countries to 10 billion dollars.” .

The minister also revealed the existence of an Algerian-Turkish consensus on the most important political issues in the world, adding: “I listened with great care and thoughtfulness to President Erdogan’s analyzes and directions, which all intersect with President Tebboune’s strategic dimension of bilateral relations.”

The minister stated that the meetings he held in Turkey allowed for a comprehensive assessment of the extent of progress in embodying the priorities and achieving the goals set by the two presidents in preparation for their meeting soon in Algeria on the occasion of the session of the Cooperation Council, noting that the bilateral relations between the two countries are witnessing great momentum and development on both levels. Political and economic, and during the past three years, we have made important strides unprecedented in the history of the two countries, and in a continuous extension to include all sectors and fields that are rich in the imposition of cooperation and partnership that guarantees the true benefit of our two countries.

Ataf said that the economic partnership between the two countries is expanding into new fields such as renewable energies, mines, mining and the pharmaceutical industry, and we continue our efforts to enhance other dimensions of bilateral relations, adding: “We are gradually approaching, at a steady pace, the embodiment of the goals, especially with regard to working to raise the volume of trade exchanges to reach $10 billion.” In the medium term, Algeria has become Turkey’s second trading partner in Africa, with intra-trade of more than $5 billion, and it has become the first destination for direct Turkish investments, which exceed $6 billion.

He added: “Turkey is considered the first foreign investor outside the hydrocarbon sector in Algeria, with the expansion of the activity of Turkish institutions in Algeria, which number more than 1,500 companies in various fields, providing more than 30,000 jobs. Success in enriching the legal framework and continuing work on preparing for agreements in trade, energy, education and culture.

Minister Ataf also revealed that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit Algeria in the very near future, saying: “The political consensus between the two countries on the most important regional and international files is strengthened and strengthened through our joint commitment to common principles and values ​​in the United Nations, especially in resolving disputes and calling for dialogue.”

Ataf pointed out that the situation in the Sahel region was discussed, which has become home to the largest number of hotbeds of tension, conflict and conflict on the face of the globe, adding: “The Turkish brothers informed us of President Tebboune’s initiative to take care of the crisis left by the coup in Niger and to promote a comprehensive development approach to address challenges, coups and changes.” Unconstitutionalism has disappeared in all of Africa except in this region, which has recorded 8 coups in the past few years.

And he continued: “The coups did not solve the security or development problems, but rather exacerbated the deterioration and danger of these conditions, and President Tebboune’s initiative, in its first clause, talks about strengthening deterrence for military coups, or what is called unconstitutional transformations and changes.”

And he added, “The African law against coups and these changes was enacted and ratified in 1999 in Algeria, but it was not sufficient over time to address and deter unconstitutional changes.”

Ataf stressed that the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, pledged, in his initiative, to present new texts to the upcoming African summit regarding doubling measures against coups and constitutional changes.

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