Ataf: The President of the Republic proposed an initiative to solve the political crisis in Niger within six months – the Algerian dialogue


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, Ahmed Ataf, confirmed today, Tuesday in Algeria, that the initiative of the President of the Republic, Mr. On the one hand, everyone was rallying around the peaceful option, away from any military intervention, on the other hand.
Mr. Ataf stressed in a press conference at the International Conference Center “Abdel Latif Rahal”, which dealt with the current developments in the Sahel region in general and the Republic of Niger in particular, the necessity of giving priority to a political solution and excluding the option of resorting to force, given the dire consequences that this option may lead to on Niger and the entire region. .
The Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that the President of the Republic’s initiative on the crisis is embodied in six axes, “represented in reinforcing the principle of the illegality of unconstitutional changes and defining a period
A period of six months to crystallize and achieve a political solution that guarantees a return to the constitutional and democratic system in this country through the resumption of political action within the framework of the state of right and law.
With regard to political arrangements – the minister adds – the initiative “emphasizes the need for the participation and approval of all parties in Niger without excluding any party whatsoever, provided that the duration of these arrangements does not exceed six months, and that they are under the supervision of a civil authority headed by a consensual figure who is accepted by all spectrums of the political class in Niger and lead to the restoration of constitutional order in the country.
According to the spokesman, the political approach proposed by Algeria will depend on providing adequate guarantees to all parties, “to ensure the sustainability of the political solution and its acceptance by all actors in the crisis and in the course of its solution.”
In order to control these political arrangements, the foreign minister adds, “Algeria will initiate intensive contacts and consultations with all concerned parties that can contribute and help in resolving the crisis politically or support efforts aimed at that.” He explained that these contacts will be with all concerned and active parties. In Niger and with neighboring countries and member states of the Economic Community of West African States, especially Nigeria as the current chair of the group, as well as countries that wish to support efforts to find a peaceful way out of the crisis.
The initiative of the President of the Republic also includes Algeria’s endeavor to organize an international conference on development in the Sahel with the aim of encouraging the developmental approach and mobilizing the necessary funds to implement development programs in this region, which – the minister says – “is in dire need of social and economic infrastructure, in a way that guarantees stability and security in general.” sustainable.”
The Minister of Foreign Affairs indicated that Algeria will submit proposals during the next summit of the African Union that would strengthen the principle of the illegality of unconstitutional changes and the mechanisms for its embodiment, as it considers itself “the moral, political and moral preserver of the principle of the illegality of unconstitutional changes of power in Africa, a principle that codified It was firmly established on its good soil at the African Summit of 1999.
Mr. Ataf recalled Algeria’s position, which was defined by the President of the Republic “from the first moment of the outbreak of this crisis, with clarity, precision and rigor, by diagnosing its main tributaries, which is the condemnation and rejection of unconstitutional change in Niger, in line with the requirements of the African legal framework that prohibits and rejects unconstitutional changes of governments and the demand for a return To the constitutional order and respect for democratic institutions in the country.
The minister stressed that “Sayyid Muhammad Bazoum remains the legitimate president of the country,” calling for him to be able to resume his duties.

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