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Today, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, supervised the laying of the foundation stone for the project to exploit the zinc and lead mine of Tala Hamza – Oued Amizur – Bejaia Province.

The Minister said that the implementation of this project is the result of joint cooperation between the mining industrial complex “SONARAM” and the Australian company “Tramin”, whose officials are present with us today, to share with us the ceremonies of the actual launch of this important project, and they are very grateful for that.

This project aims to exploit the zinc and lead deposits in order to enhance and increase the country’s mining capabilities and create added value to support and diversify the national economy, while taking full care to respect the environmental aspect and achieve sustainable development goals.

This promising project, which is of great importance to the national economy in general, and to the region in particular, has been long awaited, and today it is entering the stage of embodiment, after completing all studies, whether related to economic feasibility or related to the impact on the environment, and studying the risk, in addition to obtaining all The necessary licenses from the authorized bodies, as well as adherence to all relevant regulatory conditions, to reach the final stage related to compensating rights holders for their properties that were assigned to the project in the public interest. This is a process that is nearing the end, and will soon begin providing full compensation to their owners. .

This event coincided with the glorious month of November, the month of achievements and championships, as two months ago we witnessed the launch of two projects in the west of the country to value our mining resources, which entered into actual production, and it concerns the bentonite production project in Hammam Bougrara – Tlemcen Province, with a production capacity estimated at 120 thousand tons. Annually, and the calcium carbonate production project in Akaz – Mascara Province, with a production capacity estimated at 100 thousand tons annually. These projects fall within the priority development projects approved by the President of the Republic, which the state is keen to implement to value our primary resources and create wealth in order to diversify our national economy. Reducing its import bill, establishing a local industrial base and creating jobs, and is being monitored continuously by him, similar to the structured projects for both the exploitation of the iron mine in Gara Jbeilat – in the state of Tindouf, and the integrated project for the exploitation and valuation of phosphate in the east of the country in the states of – Tebessa and Souk Ahras, as well as the actual launch of the implementation of projects. Railways related to the two projects.
Speaking of job positions, I would like to remind you that this project will provide about 800 direct jobs and more than 4,000 indirect jobs, provided that priority in employment is given to the youth of the region, in addition to the many positive effects expected from the implementation of this project, both for the national economy as a whole. In general, or related to the economic and social development of the region in particular, through valuing mined products locally, resorting to the implementation of conversion units to obtain high added value, and establishing local, small and medium handling institutions that accompany the project, as well as the transfer of knowledge, technology and training.
As a reminder, the Ministry of Energy and Mines, in cooperation with the state of Bejaia and the University of Abderrahmane Mira, organized about a month ago a national symposium on the role of the Tala Hamza-Oued Amisour reservoir, which witnessed a large participation of experts, professors, doctors, university students with specializations, and representatives of civil society in the state, for the purpose of discussing all aspects of the issue. The economic, technical and environmental aspects related to the project, with full transparency and responsibility, where many constructive interventions and opinions were presented, culminated in valuable recommendations, all of which will be taken into consideration, and all of this we are certain of, of the great role that the local authorities of the state of Bejaia have played and are playing, headed by the Governor, As well as the role of the state’s residents, through civil society and active associations in many fields, in accelerating local development and economic projects that have very positive repercussions on the residents of the region, as well as the important role played by the university and scientific research centers in achieving economic development, through establishing Bridges of communication between universities, research institutions and economic institutions, which allow facilitating cooperation and partnership between them to serve the nation and society.
The development of mining investment goes mainly through improving the investment climate, in order to encourage entrepreneurship and investment. This is what the program drawn up by the government is working on, in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic. Indeed, during its weekly meeting, last Wednesday, the government studied a preliminary draft for the law regulating mining activities, which essentially aims to create an appropriate legal environment that encourages the development of the mining industry and establishes An incentive framework for investors by facilitating procedures related to mining investment and reducing all related deadlines, while being open to partnerships with national and foreign economic operators and providing the necessary guarantees for that, with a strong focus on creating job positions at the national and local levels.
In conclusion, I call on everyone to unite and intensify efforts, in order to begin the actual exploitation of the Tala Hamza reservoir – Oued Amizour, the subject of our meeting, which I hope will be completed within the specified deadlines and that it will enter into service on the dates set in advance. I also call on everyone to work together and make every effort. More efforts and raising challenges, in order to optimally exploit the country’s capabilities, especially those related to the exploitation of our mining and mineral wealth, in order to advance the wheel of national development and for the development, advancement and prosperity of our country and to realize the hopes of our people.

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