Arkab receives representatives of the National People’s Assembly from the Algerian state of M’Sila – Al-Hiwar


Yesterday, Tuesday, in Algiers, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, received representatives of the National People’s Assembly from the electoral district of M’Sila, in order to learn about citizens’ concerns related to the sector in this state, according to a statement by the ministry.
The parliamentary delegation included MPs Abdel-Wahab Omran, Fatih Barikat, Mohamed Freiteh, Al-Saeed Hinnawi, Sufyan Fayed, Khatam Dahmani, Abdel-Rahim Rabie, Mohamed Mushak, and Marwan Arvis.
This meeting, which took place at the Ministry’s headquarters, falls within the framework of listening to and taking care of the concerns raised by the representatives regarding energy connection (electricity and gas) to municipalities, unconnected areas, new residential neighborhoods, investments and agricultural areas, according to the statement.
During the meeting, some investment projects for the sector in the state were discussed, especially those related to solar energy, expanding the electrical network and converting high-voltage electricity, in addition to the employment file through the sector’s institutions, and social investment projects.
In this context, “the Minister provided clarifications about all the MPs’ concerns, expressing that he took into consideration all the proposals, studied them, and took the necessary measures to meet them,” according to the same source.
Mr. Arkab also renewed the state’s commitment, through the Sonelgaz complex, to continue the various complementary programs planned, which will affect many municipalities, calling on the representatives to inventory all the areas not yet connected to electricity and gas to study the possibility of connecting them and including them in new programs, which will undoubtedly contribute to the development The areas concerned and improving the living conditions of their residents.
The meeting was also an opportunity to provide some clarifications about the national program for new and renewable energies, as well as the energy transition program in Algeria, the subject of a question submitted by one of the representatives, according to the statement.

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