Arkab inspects the project of completing the sea water desalination plant in Korso – Al-Houwar, Algeria


Today, Saturday, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, made an inspection visit to the seawater desalination plant project in the municipality of Gourso, Boumerdes Province, with a production capacity of 80,000 cubic meters per day.

This inspection visit took place in the presence of the people of Boumerdes Province, Mr. President, General Manager of the Sonatrach complex, Director of Energy and Mines in the wilaya, General Manager of the Algerian Energy Company AEC, branch of the Sonatrach complex, which owns seawater desalination projects, and the representative of the President, General Manager of the National Company for Civil Engineering and Construction GCB, branch of the complex Sonatrach in charge of completing the project.

On this occasion, the Minister inspected all the equipment and supplies of the station, and stood on the final touches with the aim of putting it into service in the next few days, as well as operating the station, which will pass through stages starting from the extraction of sea water, passing through the desalination plant, then up to the final treatment and laboratory monitoring, and then making it Consumable water.

The Minister also praised the efforts made to complete this station, in a time not exceeding two years, which was launched in 2022, after putting all the facilities within reach, as well as thanks to the continuous work throughout the hours of the day and night, and the use of Algerian competencies to run seawater desalination projects in view of the considered experiences. that they have acquired. The minister also urged those in charge of this pivotal project to provide water that conforms to the applicable standards, to contribute to supporting water supply capacities for the benefit of the residents of the western and northern sides of the wilaya of Boumerdes and the eastern side of Algiers.

As a reminder, this station, which sits on a total area of ​​6.25 hectares, is included in the framework of the emergency plan, as the ship terminal (10,000 cubic meters / day) and the anchorage (60,000 cubic meters) have been put into service in the wilaya of Algiers. The capital, with the Gourso plant soon to be ready to boost production with an additional 80,000 cubic meters (80,000 cubic metres) in Boumerdes Province.

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