Arkab: Exploiting the zinc and lead deposit “Tala Hamza-Oued Amizour” in Bejaia will contribute to greater economic growth – Algerian Dialogue


The Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, confirmed today, Saturday, that the “Tala Hamza-Oued Amisour” deposit of zinc and lead in Bejaia is one of the largest global reserves of these two strategic materials, and that its exploitation will contribute to a greater push for economic growth.
While chairing the work of a national symposium on the topic “The scarcity of mining resources and the location of Algeria: the role of the Tala Hamza-Amizour zinc and lead deposit,” at the Abu Daw University Campus at the Abderrahmane Mira University in Bejaia, which brought together a number of ministers and specialists, Mr. Arkab explained that the state “pays attention Great for this project.”
For this purpose, the Minister continues, mechanisms and reforms have been developed aimed at encouraging research, exploration, exploitation and upgrading institutions related to the mining industry in order to develop the extractive industries sector.
This will allow, Arkab adds, “to significantly boost economic growth and investment activity and contribute to increasing incomes.”
In this context, the Minister pointed out that the increase in global demand for minerals and related products in many industrial fields has limited their abundance and led to the scarcity of some of them, which has made obtaining these minerals “a direct bet on international markets, and it has become necessary to develop solutions.” Proactive and urgent in the field of research, exploration and exploitation to provide it, meet internal demand and enhance its shares in global markets.”
From this perspective, Mr. Arkab stated that Algeria is replete with “a large and important abundance of mineral resources of all kinds, but mining activity represents a very small share of the gross domestic product compared to other countries.”
Regarding the organization of the symposium, Mr. Arkab stated that this meeting will allow discussing all economic, technical and environmental aspects related to the “Tala Hamza-Oued Amisur” zinc and lead reservoir. It will also contribute to answering all the legitimate questions and concerns of the residents of the region and shed light on the future of this reservoir in particular. And its positive economic and social repercussions on the region.
The President of the Republic had ordered, in mid-May, during the Council of Ministers, to accelerate the pace of completion of the project to exploit the zinc and lead mine in Oued Amisour, recalling the “extreme” economic importance of the project.
The President of the Republic, by the way, ordered the reduction of all deadlines related to sub-technical workshops, to accelerate the entry of the project into exploitation, especially since it has passed the stage of administrative settlements. He also gave instructions to “adopt a system of teams at work, 24 hours a day, to achieve the progress of the works, because of its positive impact.” At the national level.”

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