Arab parties praise Algeria’s role in ending the Palestinian division – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


The Arab parties participating in the Chinese Communist Party conference praised Algeria’s steadfast role in supporting the Palestinian cause, noting that it hosted the “Palestinian Reunification” conference, which was under the auspices of the President of the Republic, in October 2022.
In a statement that concluded the meeting of the fourth session of the Dialogue Conference held on Saturday in the Chinese city of Yinchuan, which brought together the Chinese Communist Party and parties from Arab countries, the latter expressed “its appreciation to sister Algeria for its role in hosting the last meeting of the Palestinian factions” last October, which culminated in the signing of 14 Palestinian factions. On the Algerian Declaration to end the internal division.
In October 2022, Algeria hosted the leaders of the Palestinian factions after 15 years of division, on the occasion of the “Reunification Conference for Palestinian National Unity.” The Algiers Declaration was signed, which puts an end to the division and serves as a solid ground for achieving unity between the factions.
The Algiers Declaration stressed the importance of Palestinian national unity as a basis for steadfastness and resistance to the Zionist occupation, in order to achieve the legitimate goals of the Palestinian people. This initiative received wide Palestinian and international praise, as the Palestinian factions that signed the reconciliation agreement described it as a “great victory for the Palestinian cause,” expressing “its appreciation for the efforts and role of Algeria and the President of the Republic in bringing about Palestinian reunification.”
The Arab parties and forces renewed their full and principled adherence to Palestinian rights represented in ending the occupation, the establishment of the State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, the right of return of refugees to their homes from which they were expelled in accordance with UN Resolution 194, the release of prisoners, the protection of sanctities, the cessation of settlement activity and the policy of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem.
She pointed out that the continuous Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people is nothing but “a systematic continuation of the nature of the fascist policies of the occupation, which can only feed on the blood of the innocent and commit massacres daily.”
At the meeting, the forces and parties announced their rejection of all forms of normalization with the occupation, and stressed the importance of expanding the circle of anti-normalization in all Arab countries and its resistance, as it is “one of the important tools to confront the occupation and delegitimize it in international forums.”
The Arab parties and forces discussed the barbaric and criminal aggression against the Palestinian people, the recent massacre of the city of Jenin and the destruction of homes and infrastructure, in addition to the systematic policy of abuse and repression that female prisoners are subjected to, especially the policy of medical negligence practiced against them.
The Arab parties and forces saluted the Palestinian people and their steadfastness and steadfastness on their land, affirming their confidence in their ability to confront the brutal Zionist aggression that commits “war crimes that shame humanity.”
The conference dealt with the strategic partnership between the Chinese Communist Party and the 60 participating Arab forces and parties, including a delegation from the National Liberation Front party, which represents 16 Arab countries.

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