Applying a zero paper in the master’s discussions


Minister of Higher Education Kamal Badari orders the strengthening of the zero-paper process in the master’s discussions and the digitization of the references of the library of the College of Islamic Sciences (HM)

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kamal Badari, ordered the strengthening of the paper zero process in the master’s discussions, and the digitization of the references of the library of the College of Islamic Sciences.

According to a statement by the ministry, Badari, during his visit to the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at Bin Youssef bin Khadda University and the Faculty of Law, received detailed explanations about the arrangements that were taken with the return of the professors. He suggested, by the way, setting up training paths within the framework of the double degree and opening new horizons for the faculty in this field.

The minister also stressed the need to “strengthen the gains achieved in the field of digitization, in order to allow for a better conduct of various educational activities,” stressing the importance of making the Faculty of Law “a center for scientific and research radiation by extending the opening hours of educational facilities until ten o’clock at night to create an activity that reflects the reality of the Algerian university.” modernity.”

On the other hand, and during his visit to the College of Islamic Sciences – the statement adds – the minister exchanged with the teaching staff “views on the issue of improving education and scientific research, and he ordered the digitization of the references for the college library and the strengthening of the “zero paper” process in the master’s discussions.

With regard to teaching in English, the director of Ben Youssef Ben Khadda University, Algeria, confirmed the programming of teaching some standards in English, while enhancing training in the English language for teachers and students.

For reference, the Minister of Higher Education visited, last Tuesday, the Research Center in Industrial Technologies “CRTI” located in Al-Sharqa.

The visit is part of the embodiment of the policy of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research aimed at valuing the products of scientific research and technological development at the level of Algerian research centers and universities and moving them from the level of the laboratory to the level of use in real conditions so that they become an economic and social value.

The Ministry of Higher Education also announced, last Wednesday, that university entry 2023-2024 was set on September 23 for all levels.

The Ministry had urged, in an instruction, the heads of regional seminars of universities and directors of higher education institutions to invite professors to join their positions on September 2 this morning in order to sign the minutes of work resumption in accordance with Resolution No. 1351 of October 04, 2022.

The director of education for the first and second levels in the ministry, Boukazata Jamal, confirmed that the university family is called upon to respect the calendar for preparing the launch of the pedagogical activities for the first semester of the new academic year.

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