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Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun, yesterday evening, Monday, in the state of Touqrt, stressed the need to enhance the attractiveness of productive investment to create wealth and develop the industrial fabric.
During his inspection of a number of production units as part of a working visit to this state, Aoun explained, “Productive investment requires creating all the necessary conditions and mechanisms that help achieve investment efficiency to create wealth and develop the industrial fabric in the region.”
In this regard, he focused on the number of incentives and facilities that serious projects must enjoy, especially those related to the provision of appropriate industrial real estate, which, he added, constitutes “a fundamental pillar within the efforts to upgrade investment opportunities in this region, which has enormous industrial capabilities capable of embodying wealth-producing investments in the region.” Various industrial divisions.”
The Minister expressed his admiration for the upward dynamism witnessed by the industrial fabric in the state of Toucourt, which counts no less than 2,169 small and medium enterprises employing more than 8,200 permanent workers distributed among various sectors of activity, such as agriculture, marine fishing, water, energy, fuel, petroleum works services, iron and steel, food industry, and collective utility services. .
In the industrial zone, the ministerial delegation inspected the commercial industrial complex “Al-Wahat”, affiliated with the Ziban grains branch of the General Food Industries Complex “Agrodev”.
After touring the various facilities and production units that contain this compound, the Minister called for more work to develop the production capabilities of this facility, while ensuring the strengthening of the distribution network that includes five states, as well as ensuring a thoughtful and fair distribution in the process of supplying those states according to the population density of each region.
This commercial industrial complex, with its production capacity of up to 3,000 quintals per day of flour and semolina, ensures the supply of the state and a number of neighboring states, such as Ouargla, Al-Mughair, Illizi and Djanet.
At the same location, the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production listened to explanations about the project to establish a couscous manufacturing unit affiliated with the same complex with a production capacity estimated at 288 quintals per day.
In this context, the Minister stressed the need to accelerate the pace of completion to correct the delay recorded in this project and to receive it within the next three months.
Mr. Aoun had begun his visit by inaugurating a unit for the manufacture of chemicals in the municipality of Sidi Slimane. This project, developed within the framework of private investment, at a financial cost estimated at 700 million dinars, ensures the production of solid sodium silicate, which is a compound chemical used as a basic raw material in the manufacture of several products such as ceramics and powders. Cleaning and paper, in addition to its multiple uses in the field of construction and treating petroleum drilling residues, according to the explanations provided.
Those in charge of this project, which has a production capacity of 40 tons per day, are looking forward to entering the export field by starting soon to export the first shipment of this material of high economic value to Portugal after completing the last logistical preparations related to this activity.
The Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production will continue his visit to the state of Al-Youm tomorrow, Tuesday, on its second and final day, by inaugurating an industrial complex for transforming iron and metals in the municipality of Tamassin, as well as inspecting a private labneh project before supervising the opening of a national forum at the headquarters of Al-Zawia Al-Tijjaniya.

The Minister of the Nazla Municipality reviewed the Desert Lactobacillus project for the production of milk and its derivatives, which is an investment project worth 24 million dinars, extending over an area of ​​1 hectare and employing 48 workers. It is expected that the project will enter into exploitation upon obtaining an additional share of milk powder powder.

While inspecting the various equipment in the factory, in addition to the cooling rooms, the Minister called on those in charge of the project to speed up the activity to contribute to providing this vital material in the region.

The Minister also recommended using fresh milk to increase production capabilities to cover all costs and thinking in the future about finding alternative sources.

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