Aoun on a surprise visit to the El-Mahrousa Factory for the production of table oil – El-Houwar Algeria


Within the framework of constantly ensuring the abundance and supply of the national market with the necessary and widely consumed materials, the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun, today, Sunday, made a sudden, unscheduled visit to the Public Establishment for the Food Oils Industry “Mahroussa”, where he inspected the various units of the table oil production plant and checked the inventory level. Including final products, commodities and raw materials for the production process, in order to ensure the continuous and permanent abundance of vegetable oil and to avoid the state of pressure and fluctuation in which the market may fall in the future.

The minister, who was accompanied by the president, the general manager of the food industries complex “Agrodev” and the director of the “Mahroussa” factory, also inspected the various workshops and production units of the establishment, especially those that require maintenance and recycling operations. Accelerate the process of modernizing the workshops and the central corridor by the end of July, at the latest.

During this pause, the minister listened to the concerns of the workers. In this regard, he gave instructions on the need to urgently take care of the professional and social concerns of the workers, calling on them to unite their efforts to advance the factory and raise the level of production.

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