Annaba.. The arrival of the first flight on the new sea line to transport passengers Annaba-Genoa-Al-Houwar Algeria


This evening, Saturday, the “Tariq Bin Ziyad” ship docked in the port of Annaba, carrying 817 passengers from the national community abroad, as part of the first trip on the new sea line to transport passengers, which was opened between Annaba and Genoa, Italy.
The people of the community were received at the Annaba Maritime Station by the civil and military jurisdiction authorities and a number of deputies of the National People’s Assembly, led by the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Diaspora Committee, Salim Merah, who confirmed in a statement to Loaj “the Algerian state’s keenness to take care of the concerns of the people of the community and to take the necessary measures to enable them to Moving in the best conditions and returning to spend the summer vacation in the arms of their families in the motherland.
For their part, a number of passengers expressed their happiness at the opening of this new sea line between Annaba and Italy, which enabled, according to traveler Sayed Ahmed, who resides in Milan, Italy, a large number of the community residing in Italy and several neighboring European countries to travel through this line and return. To summer in the homeland in the best conditions.
The same impression was shared by most of the travelers before leaving the Annaba sea station after completing the entry procedures, among them Radia, who resides in Rome, Italy, and is heading to the city of Setif. .
The same female traveler explained that the opening of new maritime transport lines for passengers “contributes greatly to alleviating travel burdens during the summer season and enables a large number of families residing abroad to return to summer in the arms of their families and in comfortable conditions.”
The deputies of the National People’s Assembly and the authorities of the wilaya reviewed the conditions for completing the travel procedures at the Annaba Maritime Station, in which all the technical capabilities and organizational conditions were prepared to ensure the fluidity of the process for travelers and vehicle owners, as noted.
And the ship “Tariq Bin Ziyad” will leave the port of Annaba tomorrow, Monday, towards Genoa, on a journey to transport passengers between the Algerian and Italian cities, as was indicated.

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