An important leap in the field of disseminating fiber optic technology FTTH… one million subscribers at the beginning of November 2023 – Algerian Dialogue


Within the framework of the objectives of the strategy laid down within the government’s action plan regarding information and communication technologies, in embodiment of the commitments of the President of the Republic, our country has recorded a qualitative and quantitative leap in terms of connectivity to fixed, very high-flow internet, by giving priority to fiber optic technology to the home (FTTH).

The number of fiber optic technology (FTTH) subscribers witnessed rapid growth, jumping from 53,000 subscribers at the beginning of 2020 to one million (1) subscribers at the beginning of November 2023.

The development of families subscribing to this technology has been accompanied by a significant improvement in the streaming speed provided to subscribers, as it can reach 300 MB/s depending on demand while reducing the prices of high streams.

With the aim of encouraging the involvement of families in the new offers of Algeria Telecom and facilitating the adoption of this advanced technology, a significant communication effort has been made in the field through neighborhood campaigns, especially towards the inhabitants of the new urban centers.

In addition to the positive development recorded in indicators in terms of (the number of subscribers, improved flow, and the rate of diffusion of FTTH technology), our country is distinguished by the advantage of spreading this technology across 58 states throughout the country, within the framework of a balanced approach to disseminating information and communication technologies throughout the entire national territory.

It should be noted that FTTH technology is currently being deployed:

Connecting to the Internet all citizens who do not yet benefit from the connection, especially in new neighborhoods and urban centers,

Modernize the existing copper access network and gradually convert xDSL subscribers to FTTH technology.

It is worth noting, as a reminder of the features and characteristics of this technology, the following:

“Fiber to the Home” (FTTH) technology is a technology that allows, in particular, access to very high-speed Internet, in which optical fibers are connected to the home. This technology is a solution that uses optical fibers from end to end between the optical backhaul node and the subscribers.

FTTH networks allow providing high-quality connectivity and very high flow speed. In addition, it provides optimal response, which reduces the occurrence of interruptions and eliminates the occurrence of electromagnetic disturbances.

In the context of the recorded developments, the total number of households connected to the fixed Internet network increased from 3.5 million at the beginning of 2020 to 5.4 million at the beginning of November 2023.

It should be noted that the gains achieved by our country in the field of fixed Internet in the infrastructure sector are due to the significant increase in the capacity available for international bandwidth, which jumped from 1.5 terabit/s at the beginning of 2020 to 7.8 terabit/s, currently. But also, and in particular, it is due to the commitment and determination that constituted the engines of stimulating the sector’s competencies in continuously improving the quality of Internet connection service offered to citizens.

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