An awareness-raising campaign about the dangers of the Internet among children

The Postal and Telecommunications Sector will begin, starting Wednesday, a number of awareness-raising activities about the dangers of misuse of the Internet among children, in commemoration of World Safe Internet Day, according to a statement from the Ministry.

The same source explained, “The sector is launching, starting on February 7, a national awareness-raising campaign at the level of educational institutions at all levels, with the aim of informing students of the potential dangers that may result from using the Internet, and providing them with practical advice and guidance on safe and proper dealing with this space, based on recommendations and experiences.” A leader in the field of protecting children from cyber risks.”

These activities are carried out – the statement adds – in coordination with several sectors, such as national education, national solidarity, family, and women’s issues, in addition to the National Gendarmerie Command, the General Directorate of National Security, the National Authority for the Protection and Promotion of Childhood, and the Algeria Telecom Corporation.

In the same context, executives of the postal and telecommunications sector at the local level participate in media programs organized by local radio stations, with the aim of “drawing the attention of the general public to the negatives of unsafe surfing on the Internet, and guiding them to adopt preventive behaviours, especially those recommended in this regard.” “.

These awareness-raising operations will also be supported through the Ministry’s official page on the Facebook platform by displaying a series of awareness-raising publications directed at parents, teachers and educators, including identifying the dangers of the Internet to which children may be exposed, with a comprehensive explanation of the methods and means of electronic fraud, and a package of recommendations and instructions to ensure safe use of the Internet. , according to the same statement.

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