An awareness campaign about the dangers of using fireworks and explosives


Civil Protection organizes an awareness-raising campaign about the dangers of using fireworks and explosives on the occasion of the approaching birthday of the Prophet

The General Directorate of Civil Protection will organize, starting next Friday, an awareness-raising campaign about the various dangers resulting from the use of pyrotechnic materials, firecrackers, and candles, in order to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday without accidents.

The directorate’s statement explained that “as every year, as the celebrations of the Prophet’s birthday approach, and as it is an opportunity to emulate him and mention his good conduct, the civil protection services record several tragic incidents, especially among children, and fires that endanger people’s lives and property, in addition to cases of panic among elderly and sick people.” And pregnant women.”

In this context, the General Directorate of Civil Protection is organizing – according to the statement – “a neighborhood awareness-raising campaign about the various dangers resulting from the use of fire materials, firecrackers, as well as candles, starting from September 22nd, focusing on the most vulnerable group, which is children, with the majority of awareness-raising activities directed to the benefit of teachers.” Students conduct lessons through mosques before Friday prayers, in schools, in public squares, and in places where these dangerous materials are sold.”

During this campaign, the media and social media will be used, in addition to coordination with public institutions, to remind “the responsibility placed on guardians to protect their children and achieve the desired goal (the birth of the Prophet without accidents).”

To achieve this goal – the statement adds – the civil protection services recommended “adhering to preventive measures, represented by educating children about the danger of these prohibited materials (explosion in the hand, burns at eye level, and loss of the sense of hearing), in addition to serious injuries that often lead to the amputation of fingers and limbs.” “There were burning clothes and fires in the rooms and outside the house.”

Civil Protection also stressed “avoiding throwing pyrotechnic materials at people and cars or near hospitals, health centers, parking lots, and gasoline stations.”

Regarding the use of candles, she called for “placing them on stable, non-flammable supports, using them by adults, and not leaving them burning without supervision.”

Among the instructions provided were: “Do not leave candles and match boxes within the reach of children and alert them that these candles are not toys or consumable items.”

At the conclusion of its statement, the General Directorate called for contacting civil protection on the emergency number 14 or the green number 1021, specifying the nature of the danger and the address in the event of any emergency.

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